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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Our bridge stone cutting machines are equipped with the PLC control system with a human-machine interface that can manage the cutting speed, the cutting quantity, and the cutting size. They truly achieve the intelligent control and make management easier.
  • Our bridge stone cutting machines are equipped with an infrared alignment device. It is designed to provide a visual effect to the user to locate the starting cutting position. In order to reduce the waste of materials.
  • The work bench can rotates 90 degree, and also the work bench can tilt up to 85 degrees in order to place and move away the slabs easier.
  • A wireless remote controller (optional)
  • Compared to the integral structure machines, it is cheaper.

Product Details

ZDQJ-400 and ZDQJ-600 are a split type of stone cutting machine in which the workbenches are separated from the main part. Our bridge stone cutting machine is ideal and specific for cutting slabs of quartz, marble, granite, and stone. The movements of this machine which include the movement of the crossbeam and the workbench are controlled by the PLC system. The machines aim to complete a two-dimensional cutting performance and in the end to get a predetermined size of slabs. Our company includes two models of integrated bridge stone cutting machine which are ZDQJ-400 and ZDQJ-600. They can satisfy the different needs of customers.  


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