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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The size of the steel grits is equal. The blasting process is automatic, and the surface of the finished products is uniform.
  • Using the special steel grits will not cause rust spots on the stone surface as a plain steel grit would.
  • The steel grits can be reused, which not only reduces the investment cost but also is environment-friendly.
  • High efficiency: can produce from 1 meter (granite) to 3 meters (marble) per minute.
  • Sandblasted products are of high quality and beautiful appearance without blind spots. Compared with traditional handwork, this technology frees up manpower and improves efficiency. At the same time, the lychee surface produced under the impact of sand and gravel is more uniform and rougher than that of fire.

Product Details

This machine produces lychee surface stone by the high-pressure impact of steel grits on stone. The whole process starts with putting the stones on a conveyor belt manually or through automated equipment. The conveyor belt sends the stones to the blasting chamber. The centrifugal ejector projects the steel grits on the surface of the stone. Then, the finished products leave the conveyor belt to the finished products area. The steel grit can be reused after recycling, sorting and other procedures.


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