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The widespread use of stone processing centers

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Many of the new purchase of stone processing center customers often ask a sentence is: "how about the speed of carving, carving a square with how long"? Carving speed has many factors, the first is the machine's own configuration and power. Still have it is skill holds degree whether masterly, the choice of cutlery is correct, the material of stone material to wait.

1. Theoretical basis: the requirements of practice work start from the theoretical practice work, and the operators can carry out practical practice when the requirements of the theoretical check pass. If the theory practice does not pass, then definitely can not carry on the operation practice.

2, the use of stone carving machine tool: in the theoretical exercise in the future, the demand for tool exercise. The operator can be common tool, carving motor speed, travel speed, matters needing attention, requirements are clear, the operator needs to understand the use of the tool.

3, the use of stone: operators need to understand the use of a variety of materials, to understand different materials, different thickness, different size of products, etc. Learn about different carving methods for different materials.

4. Operation of all kinds of software in stone processing center: only after passing the above exercises can the software be practiced. The practice of software is mainly focused on the user's field of use; The requirements of the software are: all kinds of software layout, all kinds of operations, the generation of the way, can quickly find the way of the fault.

Ever had not used the customer of stone material processing center, should want to notice above when buying stone material processing center, understand carving machine knowledge correctly, ability USES the machine very much to achieve the effect that he wants, and progress production efficiency.

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