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Maintenance of automatic edge grinding machine

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I. learning objectives

Master the correct maintenance method of automatic edging machine to make the machine in the best condition.

Two, operation steps

1. When using the water tank to supply circulating water, please replace the processed water after processing every day, so as to avoid water pipe blockage caused by fouling in the water tank.

2. When changing the water, please pull the power plug first, then take out the water tank, dump the waste water, and clean the powder and scale in the water tank and the filter network.

3. A lot of foam will be produced in the water tank during the processing of resin sheets. When replacing the processed water, add defoaming agent, spray 7~10 times.

Defoamer removes foam from plastic sheets. When the bubble is very much, you can direct at the bubble spray 2~3 times, after mixing better.

Clean the spout.

Once the spout is blocked, the amount of water is reduced or no water, resulting in reduced processing capacity or even unable to work. When cleaning the water jet, please unplug the nozzle and use a fine needle to remove the blockage inside the nozzle.

5. Clean the waterproof cover of the edge grinder.

Long time work, will make the lens cutting dust adhere to the waterproof cover, if not cleaned in time, the cutting dust will be cured, it is difficult to remove. Thus affecting the line of sight. Clean with brush and water spray container after processing.

Clean the edging room.

A long time of processing, will make the clip shaft, the chuck and the edge of the indoor wall adhere to the cutting dust, if not promptly clear, will scratch the lens, will also make the clip shaft seal ring wear lead to water head. There are two cleaning methods as follows:

(1) wash directly with a brush and a spray container.

(2) enter machine cleaning mode for cleaning. This method can also clean the internal water supply line of the machine.

Please refer to the instruction manual attached with the machine for specific steps.

7. Clean the shell of edge grinder and scanner.

The machine must be cleaned immediately after use every day. If it is washed after a few days, the cutting powder will solidify on the casing, it will be difficult to remove. Please use a soft cloth with neutral cleaning agent to clean the shell.

8. Dressing the grinding wheel.

When the grinding wheel is blunt, the processing time becomes longer. In order to restore the performance of the grinding wheel, it should be dressed (after grinding 1000 pieces of glass).

Here's how:

(1) direct trimming

1) wet sand bar.

2) start up.

3) scan the picture frame and start the machine for edge grinding (no lens clamped) after transferring the data.

4) shut down after the nose is down.

5) by the inertia of the grinding wheel, press up the stone rod and repair it 4~5 times.

(2) enter grinding wheel dressing mode

1) go to the menu.

2) select dressing mode of grinding wheel.

3) start the machine.

4) press and trim the stone rod by the inertia of the grinding wheel.

5) start once, run the grinding wheel for a few seconds, and the dressing can be done for 4~5 times.

9. For the edging machine that moves the machine head up and down by the support bar, you can also add a little bit of clock oil on the support bar regularly.

Three, points for attention

1. Ensure that the instrument is used in a proper temperature and clean and clean environment, while avoiding direct sunlight and dry ventilation.

2. Please cover the dustproof cover when the scanner is not in use. At the same time, avoid foreign body falling in, and cause unnecessary machine failure.

3. Do not place the instrument in an uneven or vibrating place.

4. Regularly check whether the connection of each cable is correct and whether the grounding is reliable.

5. When the water tank is changed, please do not use wet hands to draw the power connector of the water pump. Do not let the pump cable or connector with water, so as not to cause electric shock injury.

6. When using tap water for direct water supply, please tighten the faucet after processing.

7. When using two water tanks, check whether the water in the clean water tank is enough and whether the water in the dirty water tank is running over.

8. When using circulating water, it is best to change it several times a day. Because dirty water can scratch lenses, block pipes, solenoid valves and spouts. Aggregates in the tank can also damage the pump blades.

9. Check regularly whether the pump works normally and whether there is abnormal noise.

10. Check whether the seal rubber of the sucker is broken. If so, please replace it with a new one. Because the powder that accumulates in the crack can scratch the lens, it can also cause the center and axis of the lens to shift.

11. Please use neutral cleaning agent to clean the shell, especially the scanner shell, be sure to wipe with a soft cloth.

To ensure the accuracy of the instrument, never touch the scanning probe when cleaning.

12. When cleaning the machine, be sure not to let the cleaning fluid into the machine and the control panel, so as to avoid corrosion of parts, damage to electronic components or short circuit.

Be careful to prick your finger when cleaning glass dust.

14. When dressing the grinding wheel, be careful not to touch the grinding wheel with your finger.

15. When dressing the grinding wheel, the glass rough grinding wheel, the resin rough grinding wheel, the fine grinding wheel and the polishing wheel should be dressed with different types of repairing stone rods. If the wrong grinding wheel will cause irreparable damage.

I6. In some machines, the grinding wheel for resin grinding cannot be trimmed.

17. The dressing and polishing grinding wheel should be light, otherwise it will damage the grinding wheel.

18. If the grinding wheel is continuously trimmed at the same position, a groove will appear and cannot be repaired.

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