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How to debug large stone cutting machine?

Release time: 2020-03-18 15:36:53    Hits: 256

Today we will share with you how to debug the large stone cutting machine?

In the process of fine tuning of large stone cutting machine, the screw relaxation should not be too large, according to the degree of collapse size. After the fine adjustment, fix the three screws of the motor frame again. After the completion of debugging, take a piece of original side of the ceramic tile on the operating table, adjust the size of the board, in the cutting machine is not electrifying, pull the cutting machine back and forth.

Check whether the front and back points of the large stone cutting machine saw blade are consistent with the original ceramic tile edge. If the front and rear points of the blade are found to be in contact with the ceramic tile line, there is still a gap between the front and rear points.

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